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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solution to Stop "ALL" Cross Border Crime

An idea crossed my mind a while back which, if implemented, will virtually stop all cross border criminal activities (both directions). I have discussed this solution with peers, colleagues, friends and family, and all agree it is a solution that, although costly and immense in scope, is viable and sustainable. I contacted many media sources and government officials without much response and thought you might be interested in reading about this solution and perhaps sharing your thoughts about it with me.

This solution won’t be easy to accomplish (things worthwhile rarely are). Difficult, yes; impossible, no. We have the technology and the ability and, it will take time and a great deal of money to accomplish. Even so, there could be dramatic immediate results if done right. The cost will be high, yes, but what price do you put on the thousands of lives that could potentially be spared?

This project, if undertaken, will provide jobs for thousands upon thousands of workers at all levels on both sides of the border for many years to come during the establishing stage and thousands during the operational stage.

Imagine, a solution that not only stops practically all cross border crime, but one that creates thousands of jobs, stops the need for drug cartels to battle for turf killing innocent citizens, elected officials and themselves, while humanely stopping illegal immigration, reducing to a trickle trafficking of all kinds and, if done right, would reduce pollution, provide a reduction of cost for transportation of goods and create a functional and useful barrier instead of an ugly, ineffective fence.

This solution, which I call The "Grand" (taken from the Rio Grande) Canal is a functional canal extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean along the US/Mexican border following, for a large portion, the Rio Grande.

Think about it.

Fred Young